The Ultimate Recruitment Business Startup Guide 2021 Edition

The definitive guide to starting your own recruitment business, covering all of the elements involved.

From forming your company to the next steps in setting up and becoming established, providing brief overviews of areas such as finance, marketing and creating a business plan.

This new edition includes a post-Covid foreword for 2021 from Lawrence O’Shea.


Inside the book

everything you need to know before taking the leap

Legal & Secretarial

The type of company you choose will be dependent on the nature of the business you intend to carry out.

Business Plan

As you would expect, different businesses will have different criteria for goals and success.


An integral part of your business’ identity, contributing to the impression you portray to customers and others.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

If business owners decide to keep the books themselves, they often underestimate the commitment involved.

Marketing & Social Media

Let your company’s personality shine through

Taxes & Insurance

To avoid problems, penalties and – in some cases- legal action, it is important to understand your obligations.

The Ultimate Recruitment Business Startup Guide


Goodbye 2020

Hello 2021

I started 2020, much like I’m sure you did: With the trademark optimism of a new year beginning, with new challenges and new targets to hit. Nothing would stand in my way.

Unfortunately, 2020 was, well, 2020. The world changed, and with it, our expectations of work and life in general. If anything, 2020 helped all of us realise, with a fresh perspective, what really matters to us. With that, and I’m sure part of the reason you’re reading this book, comes a desire to realign your reality to your, now clarified, personal objectives.

There are many reasons to start a recruitment business, including the freedom of being in charge, the chance to be creative and deal with a wide variety of tasks where no day is the same, realising your dream and doing something that you are genuinely interested in, not to mention the financial rewards.

However, the decision to set up a company and be your own boss is a huge step and as such, requires a lot of thought. Becoming an entrepreneur is a life changing experience and it isn’t for everyone. It will require determination, the ability to plan ahead, resilience and focus, as well comprehensive research into your business idea, the marketplace and your financial options.

All businesses start with great intentions and hope but, in reality, more than half of all businesses will not make it beyond a couple of years.

SSG have launched almost 500 recruitment businesses since we started in 2003. Over the years, the needs of our clients have evolved, as the demands of the industry has changed, and we’ve constantly added and developed our services to match those requirements.

When you’re an SSG client, our team is your team, our expertise is your expertise, our successes are your successes.

This guide intends to help you appreciate some of the elements involved, from forming your company to the next steps in setting up and becoming established, providing brief overviews of areas such as finance, marketing and creating a business plan.

We hope you find it useful.

Lawrence O’Shea – Head of Marketing, SSG

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

The business launch is free, and you have access to all SSG services in exchange for a service charge, which is calculated from a percentage of your billings

How much is the SSG service charge?

The SSG service charge is calculated dependent on your projected billings, risk and the business services you require from SSG

How long is the contract for?

We work in partnership for an initial 4 year term, though most of our clients stay with us for much longer

What services do SSG provide?

As well as business mentoring, SSG provide accounting, payroll, technical, marketing and creative solutions for your recruitment business to all of our clients

How long have ssg been launching recruitment businesses?

SSG have been launching recruitment businesses since 2003

How long does the launch take?

We can fully launch your business in one week, from the day you sign your contract with SSG