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As a recruiter, admin isn’t always high on the list of priorities. However, your Sales pipeline definitely should be. Sales are always at the forefront when it comes to running your own recruitment business. As recruiters, we’re always on the hunt for the next opportunity but often this precious sales time is consumed by dealing with temp queries or reassuring perm candidates.

Finding the time to put the information into a CRM system can seem like an unnecessary evil at times. There are tons of CRM/Recruitment systems available in the market place but some of them can seem clunky and time-consuming.

Building Relationships Takes Time

The relationships you build with your clients and candidates will be the essential foundations of your brand’s reputation within your market sector. Being able to simply recall past phone calls from notes, or look up scheduled calls your due to make, is an easy and efficient way to keep your sales moving forward. A good, solid CRM, will actually drive you to become more efficient and believe it or not, better at managing your time on a daily and weekly basis.

Pipeline is Key

Once you’re immersed in sales, people you’ve spoken to 6 months ago can easily drop off the radar, whether they’re candidates or potential clients.

There are several advantages to operating a CRM:

  • Manage your candidate calls so you don’t lose them to someone else
  • Monitor lead generation
  • Keep tabs on when Preferred Supplier lists are being renewed
  • Be ready for when sole supplier contracts are coming to end
  • Measure your successes and areas for improvement

Just by having access to these simple tasks, you can really put yourself ahead of the competition. In an industry like recruitment, standing still isn’t an option.

You’ll Get Out What You Put In

Marketing strategies can appear complex based on the jargon used in and around things like social media. However, with the right CRM for you, it’s simple to look at the results of your approach to certain sectors and determine the things that are working well and those things that aren’t. A CRM can provide you with measurable metrics which you might not have realised had so much potential.

Drive Your Vision

At the time it might seem like a chore to enter all the information on clients and candidates, but 6 months down the line, you’ll be amazed at just how much information is available at your fingertips. The metrics you can report on from a CRM system really can streamline your focus and drive you and your business to reach its full potential.

Which is why at SSG we’ve evaluated some of the best CRM’s out there, so we can advise you on what your CRM should do for you. We are in the fortunate position to be able to provide you with the benefit of our research so you can choose the system that you’ll get the most out of.