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Ethical Recruitment with a smile…

It’s not particularly newsworthy to say that recruitment is an industry which is built on human relationships – and that beyond the desire to bill and make money, most recruiters take enormous pride in the philanthropic element of their jobs.

At the very least, recruiters are fixers, who put the right individuals in touch with the right businesses – for mutual gain. At the most, they are life-changers.

To deliver professionally – to earn whilst also making people’s lives better – is the successful recruiter’s bread and butter.

In March 2021, Sara Gomm launched Expert Recruits with support from SSG – a recruitment business which offers a tailored and consultative approach to all clients and candidates within the legal and business support space.

Its testament to Sara’s calibre that just over a month since launching her business, she has already looked to grow her team and expand her offering. Sara would argue, however, that her greatest achievements are more unsung.

It was last year, when Expert Recruits was just a distant idea in Sara’s head, that she had a revelation. She tells the story of how she was selling her childhood rocking horse on eBay to pay for some home improvements, when she saw an advert for Operation Smile.

Operation Smile was founded in 1982 to help children in the Philippines to repair cleft lips and cleft palates. Today, Operation Smile is an international medical charity who help children in over 33 countries. To date, they’ve provided life-changing surgical and dental care to over 300,000 children.

Sara was so moved, she decided to donate to proceeds from her antique treasured toy to Operation Smile.

Fast forward a few months, and Sara is setting up her business with SSG. It’s an exciting time, with milestones all along the way to celebrate. One day, Sara received two envelopes in the post. She sat at her desk and opened them.

The first was a letter from Companies House, congratulating her on being made Managing Director of her own business. The second was from Operation Smile, letting her know that her donation had changed children’s lives.

Holding the two letters in her hands, Sara made a decision which would go on to shape her new business: She would donate a share of her business revenue each month to Operation Smile.

Operation Smile are now Expert Recruits’ Charity Partners, and have already had their contribution to the cause recognised by Karen Jaques, the CEO of Operation Smile UK.

In Expert Recruits’ first month alone, they have changed the lives of children across the world, with life changing care and surgery. It’s a commitment Sara is proud of, and one which she intends to develop further. She tells me she’s set herself an ambitious target of how many “smiles” (cleft lip and palate surgeries) she wants to donate this year, but she also quietly says she’d like to surpass this target.

Its Sara’s determination to be a force of positivity which shines through every conversation and interaction we have, and her motivation to do good which drives her business forward.

All recruiters change lives. Sara is changing lives with a smile.

To find out more about Operation Smile and make a donation, click here.

Click here to find out more about Expert Recruits – Sara’s business.

SSG are proud to be supporting Sara and Expert Recruits.