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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s totally normal to have questions when making a big life decision

How long does the launch take?

We can fully launch your business in three weeks, from the day you sign your contract with SSG


The business launch is free, and you have access to all SSG services in exchange for a service charge, which is calculated from a percentage of your billings

How much is the SSG service charge?

The SSG service charge is calculated dependent on your projected billings, risk and the business services you require from SSG

How long is the contract for?

We work in partnership for an initial 4 year term, though most of our clients stay with us for much longer

What happens after the initial 4 year term?

It’s your choice whether you decide to continue using the services provided by SSG after the 4 year term, though most people choose to continue having access to SSG support and services 

Do you provide cash investment to cover my bills?


If you need it, we can provide investment to pay you a salary whilst you get going

Is there one point of contact I can talk to if I have any issues or problems?

Of course! After you’ve completed the launch phase of your new business, you’ll be assigned a contact in our Client Support Services team who’ll make sure you’re getting the most out of SSG throughout our partnership.

What CRM can I use?

Any you like! We have established relationships with all of the major CRM providers, and can set up demonstrations on your behalf. If you’re unsure, we’re happy to provide you with recommendations

What job boards can I have access to?

You will have access to the likes of REED, CV Library & Jobsite

If you need access to any specialist job boards then we’ll help you, if you need it

Do you provide payroll services?


Our experienced payroll team will ensure your consultants and any temps are paid correctly – every month and every week

What is "factoring"?

When you factor an invoice, the factoring provider advances to you a percentage of that invoice value, usually within 24 hours

The factor will then pay you the balance of the invoice, minus fees after it collects payment from your client

Any factoring company will charge you a percentage fee based on their terms and conditions

What phone system should I use?

We recommend Vonage (a VOIP service) and we’ll pay for your first 6 months to get you up and running as quickly as possible

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