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This suggestion is from me, SSG’s Onboarding Specialist, Krissy King:

It should go without saying – but take nothing for granted – get agreements in writing. Recruitment is an industry built on relationships: Firstly, and most obviously, there’s that triangle of recruiter-client-candidate, but what about what comes before?

Many recruiters when starting their own business can be confident that they can trust a client they’ve had for years to stay honest and pay on time – but it’s best not to lean too heavily into that trust. No matter how close you are to the client (you may even consider yourselves friends), it’s always good practice to set down in black and white the parameters of your business relationship.

It’s essential, in my experience, to have all of your clients sign up to your Terms of Business. It avoids any ambiguity in your business dealings, it ensures you’re paid on time, but more than anything else it actually protects your relationship with the client.

Everybody knows where they stand, it minimises awkward inter-actions and your business will thrive as a result.

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