SSG are proud to announce the launch of RED 12 – a recruitment start-up serving the logistics sector. Logistics and supply chain challenges make up plenty of the news at the moment – and it’s something which our experts in the sector saw coming. 

Led by Jonathan, RED 12 seek to become renowned for their personal touch – treating their clients and candidates as people – rather than just figures and numbers. 

I caught up with Jonathan to find out a little more about his journey to this point, and what he sees for the future of his business. 

Let’s start with something easy, tell us a little about yourself?

I’m 33 and from Ipswich and a big supporter and season ticket holder at Ipswich town football club (for my sins!) I enjoy playing Golf and currently play off a handicap of 9. I’m also passionate about Cricket and enjoy watching England play. I love the cinema and enjoy watching movies on a regular basis.

How did you become a recruiter? Was a conscious decision, or did you end up a recruiter by chance?

I was made redundant in 2011 and saw an advert for a trainee recruitment consultant, at the time I’d worked in sales for a few years so felt my skill set was transferrable. The business agreed and gave me my first opportunity in recruitment!

What sector do you work in?

Predominantly Driving and Logistics. I have also recruited within the construction industry as well

What’s your favourite thing about that sector?

The variety that every day brings!

What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

Winning new business and filling bookings!

What do you consider the biggest challenges facing recruiters today?

For my sector it’s a national driver shortage brought on by various factors such as IR35, Brexit etc.

You’ve just launched your new business with SSG. Why did you want to become a recruitment business owner?

I was inspired by a variety of sources to build and grow something of my own that I can be proud of. The challenge of starting something from scratch was exciting as well but I knew it could become extremely rewarding.

As you now know, running a business can be like trying to keep a lot of plates spinning. What was it about working with SSG which made you choose us?

The level of service and commitment provided by SSG was a huge factor in choosing them. The services they provide takes some of the pressure off me and allows me to concentrate on growing.

How would you describe the process of starting your own recruitment business with SSG?

Seamless from start to finish, the communication was excellent as well so I knew exactly where I was at all times.

What scared you the most about running your own business before you took the leap?

The most scary thing was going into the unknown and the fear of not knowing everything which comes with running a business.

How do you feel about it now?

Relaxed! The different departments of SSG have meant I have support in every area I could possibly need, I have a network of people I can call upon at anytime to answer any questions I may have.

What was the best part of seeing your new business come to life?

The pride of coming up with a plan/idea and seeing it grow into a reality.

Where do you see yourself (and your business) in 12 months time?

I’d like to see RED 12 Recruitment growing within the next 12 months and become an established recruitment option within East Anglia.

What would you like your business to be renowned for? What sets you apart from your competition?

The personal service provided to each candidate, instead of people feeling like they’re just a number on a screen. The personal approach will see everyone treated with the respect they deserve.

If everything goes to plan, what ambitions do you have for your business?

My ambitions long-term for RED 12 Recruitment is to develop a team of staff around me and then potentially open other locations. But that’s a long-term dream!

How can people learn more about your business, and get in touch with you?

My website is and my email is

We at SSG are absolutely delighted to be helping Jonathan in the launch and support of RED 12 Recruitment. It’s been an absolutely pleasure working with him to achieve his ambitions, and we’re incredibly excited to see what the next few years hold for him.

Jonathan and RED 12 have had a very strong start to business – and are already on the path to growth. Here’s to the next few years of success Jonathan!

If you’re interested in starting your own recruitment business – book a call with our Investment Team today.