Is your mind whirring with plans of setting up a recruitment agency?  Best to get them out of your head… because now is the best time to put them into action.

With competition in the global marketplace really hotting up, tracking down top talent has never been so pressing. Meanwhile, employees are now better equipped to take a leap (or two) and finally land the job that matches their capabilities and potential.

Fancy being a go-between and matchmaker? Great, because as a recruitment agency you will be just that, uniting the interests of enterprises and workforce. It’s a huge challenge but rewarding too, especially in a market that’s crying out for future-ready talent management.

The present and increasing need for effective recruitment

No matter what your sector, business size or location the demand for recruitment agency services has always been around. After all, every business needs an efficient, targeted way of nabbing the right people for their organisation.

And things are even more exciting today for recruiters.  Why? Because demand has multiplied. Meanwhile, the timescale for getting results is getting shorter.

Most companies simply don’t have the resources to recruit on their own. Finding star candidates on a trial-and-error basis can waste serious time and money. For effective talent attraction and recruitment (a must for anyone keen on building a high-performing organisation) the only viable option is to hire a recruitment specialist.

Why recruitment agencies are on the rise

This year is considered to be a golden opportunity in recruiting:

  • Turnover rates are at an all-time high, mainly due to the changing nature of work and the entry of a large number of younger workers, bringing raised expectations of how work is done and valued.
  • In a high-stake economy, more and more companies are looking into mass recruitment to enhance their competitiveness.
  • The public’s increased confidence in the UK economy encourages them to take more risks by changing careers or aiming for new jobs.
  • New technology has changed the dynamics of the workplace; workers are now eager to lean toward fast and big opportunities rather than finding a stable but most likely slow-moving career.
  • The rise of the startup has created new jobs and, most importantly, opened a huge demand for new skills, specialities and positions that have not been present in the last few years.

Hire the best team to take your recruitment business to higher places

When building a recruitment empire from scratch it’s critical to make the right decisions from the very beginning.  From preparing for launch, setting it up and running it, there’s a lot to think about and do. You need to take care of all the legalities, strengthen your branding and marketing and build your recruitment system using the right tools and facilities.  Thankfully all the support you need is just a phone call away…

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