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This is an excerpt from our Top 10 Mistakes Recruitment Start-ups Make (and how to avoid them) e-book download. You can download that now, for free, here.

This suggestion is from me, SSG’s Head of Marketing, Lawrence O’Shea:

Internet users are savvy. 

Gone are the days when people believed everything they saw online as if it were a font of all knowledge – they’re a lot more sceptical (maybe even cynical) about everything they see. It’s no longer enough to just shout the loudest about what you do and how you do it, people need to see that you actually believe it. 

Ever since I’ve been working with SSG, I’ve advocated to our clients the importance of having a personal brand. 

Now, having a personal brand can mean a couple of things. It can mean utilising your personal LinkedIn profile (for example) to let the world know what your values are, demonstrate your personality and share a little bit of what motivates you to do what you do. 

It can also mean building using your company’s online presence and showing your values that way – by sharing stories, personal successes and achievements. 

If you think about the online content you enjoy most, it’s not a dry Call-To-Action (Call Now/Click Here/etc.), but something a little more real, something with a little more heart. 

So, unleash the shackles, throw your self-doubt and inhibitions to the wind, and get yourself out there. 

Most of all, though, be you. 

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