Success Stories

Hundreds of UK-Based 360 Recruiters have found freedom and success in partnership with SSG.

With our market-leading support, they’re now making their own decisions, taking control of their careers and finding a work/life balance which works for them.

Here, we celebrate some of their many successes.

In 2010, SSG helped me with the set up of Rhodium Consulting, looking after all things technical, financial and creative, leaving me to concentrate on the focus of the business; recruitment. During the earlier years they have been my right hand man, assisting with advice on the growth of the business and answering any queries that I had regarding anything recruitment or business related.

Julie Rose

Rhodium Consulting

Earlier this year, SSG helped me and were an integral part in the set up of my business Engineering Recruitment Specialists Ltd, looking after all things from technical and finance to creative and all-round back office support allowing me to concentrate on growing the business and getting our name out there in the market.

Kieran O’Connor

Engineering Recruitment Specialists

We’re very happy with the service provided by SSG. With what can be a very grueling process SSG provided me with the backing of multiple services available to me at any one time to help support my newly formed business to succeed two years ago.

Richard Beaumont

LTF Recruitment

Andy Lodge of ALH Recruitment

7 years of success and counting

“The main thing for me was, I can still be a recruitment consultant – because the support is all there…”

Andy Lodge – ALH Recruitment

The Perfect Work/Life Balance

When we first met Pam, she wasn’t just frustrated. She was exhausted.

As an ambitious recruiter, she worked hard at her job – but as she also highly valued her home life and her time with her family, she felt constantly torn between the two.

She was spending hours each day commuting to and from the office, working too long of hours, and missing valuable family time and milestones as a result.

But Pam knew there was a better way, and we did too.

Since launching her own recruitment agency with SSG in August of 2020, her life has completely transformed. As her own boss, she gets to choose where and when she works, and her home life is richer and fuller as a result.

And speaking of richer, the financial benefits have been major as well – she consistently bills in excess of £10k per month as a solo recruiter, and she massively exceeded her annual forecast. Plus, she holds 100% of the business equity, setting her future and her family’s up for wild success.

Even looking at her website, you can obviously see the sense of freedom that comes with her new life!

And the thing is, we speak to Pams all the time. Recruiters who are great at what they do, but because they’re working for someone else, they feel like they’re not getting to enjoy the fruits of their labour, or it’s coming at the expense of their family life. And honestly, they don’t believe it’s possible to have both.

Maybe this is you.

But let Pam be a sign for you that not only is it possible to have the work life AND home life you want, but it’s actually MORE likely when you take the leap and start your own business!

If you’re ready to create your own success story like Pam’s, click here to book in a call, and we can show you how to make that dream a reality.

Global Expansion in Under 3 Years

Jake’s story was a tale as old as time in the recruitment industry – a talented young recruiter who was hitting up against all the limitations he could… 

…limitations as to what clients he worked with.

…limitations regarding when and where he could work.

…limitations on how much he could make, no matter how well he did.

And it was all because he was playing by someone else’s rules – because he was working for someone else.

Whilst some recruiters may be okay with someone else setting the status quo, ambitious ones like Jake generally aren’t, at least when it means their potential is being limited. So Jake decided to take his future into his own hands.

In 2018, Jake started Albion Rye, a recruitment agency specialising in the life sciences sector, both permanent and temporary. His goals were ambitious and immediate, which made us smile – he was the exact kind of recruiter we love to work with. Someone who just cannot wait to get started and run, unbridled, towards their own crystal-clear vision.

As part of our GROW programme, Jake owned 100% of his business straight out of the gate, and his growth was instant. By constantly retaining profit to fuel growth, he was able to make serious strides towards the recruitment agency he wanted to build.

In just 3 years, Albion Rye grew to:

  • 13 people
  • £1m+ per year
  • Expansion into the EU & US

And who owns all of that success? JAKE DOES. And his life is abundant and full as a result.

Now let’s talk about you.

Maybe you’re like Jake – sick of playing by someone else’s rules, and ready to grow at the same ambitious rate he did. But you’re currently stuck. You don’t know where or how to start.

At SSG, we work with recruiters just like you to create businesses that YOU own, setting YOUR future up for financial success and personal freedom.

If you’re ready to start exploring what that wild success could look like for you, click here to book a meeting into our diary – we’d love to help you hone your vision and take the first steps towards your dreams.

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