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It’s never too late to choose your own path when it comes to running your own business. When I’m talking to prospective clients one of the things I hear most is that they wish they’d done it 10 years ago. The main thing for me when I hear this is the fact that desire to be their own boss and build something they can be proud of, has never gone away.

Whether they want to be a Lifestyle Recruiter who has financial freedom and the flexibility to balance work with family life, or they want to build an empire they can sell, and then retire to the warmer climes, the entrepreneurial spirit and love of recruitment has always been there.

Most experienced recruiters who work for someone else, at some point think about the fact they could be working for themselves and keeping the money they’re earning for someone else. It doesn’t matter what stage of your career you’re at, you really can make the decision to branch out on your own at any time.

With the right backing and support, you can achieve your aim of financial freedom and running your own business whenever you decide is bests for you. If you understand your sector and you’re billing for someone else, then there’s absolutely no reason you couldn’t reap the benefits of being your boss, sooner rather than later.