the Top 10 Mistakes recruitment start-ups make…

(and how to avoid them)

Starting a recruitment company is hard – especially when you have no experience in business ownership.

At SSG we specialise in supporting recruiters who want to start their own businesses by taking charge of all the business-critical functions so our clients can focus on what they do best – recruiting. Even with all of our team behind you, it’s still a challenging road to travel.

So why do it?

All of our clients would testify that starting their own business is one of the best life decisions they’ve ever made. It doesn’t matter what your ambitions and motivations are – you could be searching for a more equitable work/life balance, or you may be looking to build the next big thing – SSG are the key ingredient when it comes to the launch, support and ongoing success of your business. For nearly 20 years, SSG have been helping people like you attain their dreams. We’ve learned what works, and what doesn’t, and we’re able to share those secrets with you.

So, here are the Top 10 Mistakes Recruitment Start-ups Make (and how to overcome them!) from the SSG team. 



SSG gives rocket fuel to entrepreneurial recruiters.

By taking the financial risk and administrative hassle out of launching your own recruitment startup, SSG lets you concentrate on what you love doing: making great placements.


SSG helps you earn your full potential by providing you with the following:

  • Expert guidance with a highly experienced team to help guide you along a tailored roadmap to success
  • Motivation and support through our community network of recruitment startups
  • Great value through all the platforms you’ll need to get started

We asked SSG clients…

What advice would you give to a recruiter thinking about starting their own recruitment business? Watch the video below to find out what they said.

"Thank you for all your support guys. Best decision I’ve ever made..!!"

Hayley – Bowella Recruit

"Your support has been priceless - huge thanks to you all"

Michelle – Michelle Denny Recruitment

"The more I learned about starting my own business, the more it excited me. I just had to do it."

Chris – Findrs Recruitment

"Best decision I made, starting Phoenix Gray Recruitment, and has been a pleasure working in partnership with SSG for the last year"

Ricky – Phoenix Gray


How long does the launch take?

We can fully launch your business in four weeks, from the day you sign your contract with SSG

How much does it cost?

The business launch is free, and you have access to all SSG services in exchange for a service charge, which is calculated from a percentage of your billings

How much is the SSG service charge?

The SSG service charge is calculated dependent on your projected billings, risk and the business services you require from SSG

How long is the contract for?

We work in partnership for an initial 4 year term, though most of our clients stay with us for much longer

Getting Started is Easy


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If writing a business plan is still not your thing, SSG is here to help. Just fill out the contact form below and one of our helpful team members will put you on the fast track to success with an easy-to use business plan template that you can fill in together on the phone.

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