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The study of why people do what they do has always been fascinating to the team here at SSG. Namely because, in investing & supporting recruiters in their own recruitment agencies, one of the objectives of SSG is to ensure that we support that business in line with what the recruiter really wants out of business ownership. (I hope I’m making sense).

In other words, for SSG to really be able to fully support a recruitment business not only with the right tools & infrastructure but also ensure that the holistic, business support is there too – we really need to understand what is driving this recruiter to do what they do. We really need assurance that we understand their motivations, we understand their drivers & ultimately we understand why they are starting their own business.

& over the years, while every recruiter is uniquely incomparable both in nature & in desire; there are clear themes. Clear factors that seem to be at the root of all recruiters genuine desires for themselves & the business they hope to create. & as the years have rolled on by, we’ve begun to see that they fall into two very clear “camps” – we have PUSH factors & PULL factors.

So let’s imagine this – you’re sitting there reading this article. Chances are you’re a recruiter (if you’re not, I’m not sure why you’re here & suggest you go spend your valuable time somewhere else as opposed to reading through this waffle about recruitment start-ups!). Chances are you’ve toyed with the idea of starting your own agency, so how about we explore some of the main motivators & their respective camps to see if you’ve really got the motivation to start your own recruitment agency.

Let’s start with some of the PULL Factors first. These are those types of motivations whereby, as a result, you’re innately pulled towards something. It’s that cliché (but very true) adage of having a “burning desire” to do something. These factors tend to explain why that’s the case & what you then might want from your business going forward.

Pull Factor #1 – Autonomy

You’ve got a passion to have control over what you do. Have the professional independence to truly run your desk/your business in the way you feel is right not only for the business but right for you & how you want to work.

Pull Factor #2 – Financial

While starting your own business is not a risk-free, sure-fire way to earn more, the simple “maths” of recruitment do tend to lend themselves to this particular motivation. You might want to earn more for yourself, earn more for your family, earn more for your future – whatever those increased earnings are going to be used for; you always tend to see this as a pull for the recruiters we support.

Pull Factor #3 – Freedom

Much like autonomy but this time, it’s personal. You want the choice more than anything, the choice to work your days the way you want to work them; the way that is most effective for you; the way that is going to fit with everything else that’s important in your life.

Pull Factor #4 – Pride

Starting a business is something you should be proud of. Whether it be being able to showcase it to your professional network or prove to your family that this is just part of “who you are”; that pride (in turn that desire to grow) is a very powerful factor when driving start-ups in what is a very tough environment.

These all sound pretty positive don’t they? Well, that’s because they are. & I would strongly suggest that the majority of the fantastic recruiters we’ve been fortunate enough to support since 2003 have been “pulled” to build their own agencies. Having said that, there have been (& always will be) some recruiters that are pushed. Driven through personal or professional circumstances to cut from the shackles of employment & venture out on their own.

While each PUSH factor is unique, here are some of that you might have experienced over the years.

Push Factor #1 – Redundancy

Through no fault of your own, the branch/division/company you’ve poured your heart & soul into in closing. Leaving you with (usually) some financial compensation & the big question of “what now?”. Sometimes the only logical answer is to ensure that doesn’t happen again. How? Perhaps you look at starting your own agency.

Push Factor #2 – Regional Change

Circumstances at your current employment change; the office is moving. It’s not too far, only 20 minutes longer but compound that with the hour-long commute already & perhaps it just feels like the final straw. Short of working from home & commuting in every few days – perhaps there’s another way?

Push Factor #3 – Change in Management

Sometimes you find yourself enjoying what you do, not because of the company but more so because of a select number of individuals within that team that you genuinely get on with. Now, of course, things change & people move on, but perhaps that’s sparked something inside you to look at something new.

Push Factor #4 – Broken Promises

We’ve all been let down in a professional capacity before. I mean, it’s part & parcel of the game & you will never get away from it. But, perhaps you’ve been promised a team, an expansion on your geography or even a simple increase in some of the tools you can use to do your job effectively. Autonomy is great – but how much do you really ever have?

If you can relate to any of the above factors, then perhaps it’s time for a chat. What I suggest is you re-read this again, read over a few more pages of the website & then, if you feel ready, give us a call & let’s have a chat.

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