Finding a perfect work/life balance

with Chris and Jodie Hannah of The Burford Recruitment Company

How SSG launched and supports The Burford Recruitment Company


The Burford Recruitment Company launched in 2016 with the help of SSG.

Four years later, The Burford Recruitment Company are continuing to grow and expand, have added to their team and moved into new offices.

The Burford Recruitment Company serve businesses across the Cotswolds with a bespoke and personal service – delivering talented, local individuals to internationally recognisable brands who base themselves in the picturesque region of the British countryside.

As one of over 200 SSG clients, sharing combined profits of over £20 Million in 2019, Chris and Jodie Hannah have gone from strength to strength, and we look forward to working with them for years to come.

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The Ultimate Recruitment Business Startup Guide Covers

Types of Company

From Sole Trader to LTD – find the right fit for you!

Naming Your Business

Where should you start, and how brave should you be?


Your Business Plan

Objectives, competition, forecasts and marketing

Planning for success

SWOT analysis, building a plan and creating a budget

Get Social

Integration, personality and measuring success


Traps and mistakes

Learn from the mistakes of others and plan to succeed 

Being Money Smart

Investors, cashflow and financial management


Bookeeping, accounting, and Corporation Tax

Sales and Marketing

Products, prices, promotions, people and placements

Legal and Insurance

National Insurance, VAT and voluntary registration

A note from the author

I’ve been following my passion in helping experienced recruiters make the transition from employee to profitable business owner since 2015.

There has been no complete and comprehensive guide created for entrepreneur-minded recruiters written – until now!

There’s so much to consider, and so much to think about when starting a recruitment business. This book breaks all of the components down, and explores what you can do yourself, and what you’ve be best off outsourcing to an external company.

Here, at SSG, we have nearly 20 years experience in launching recruitment business. We’re industry leaders, and as such we’re best placed to give the most valuable advice.

Our belief is that a sincere partnership with a long term vision of supporting recruitment entrepreneurs in the growth and scalability of their new venture will enable them to truly enjoy the benefits of business ownership.

If you love recruitment and are motivated to run your own business, then we would like to see if we can help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

The business launch is free, and you have access to all SSG services in exchange for a service charge, which is calculated from a percentage of your billings

How much is the SSG service charge?

The SSG service charge is calculated dependent on your projected billings, risk and the business services you require from SSG

How long is the contract for?

We work in partnership for an initial 4 year term, though most of our clients stay with us for much longer

What services do SSG provide?

As well as business mentoring, SSG provide accounting, payroll, technical, marketing and creative solutions for your recruitment business to all of our clients

How long have ssg been launching recruitment businesses?

SSG have been launching recruitment businesses since 2003

How long does the launch take?

We can fully launch your business in one week, from the day you sign your contract with SSG